JME – Grime MC

JME released his long-awaited new album last week, “Grime MC”, the follow-up to 2015’s “Integrity”. But here’s the catch, it’s only available on physical formats (CD/Vinyl). A nice way of saying “fuck you” to the dominion of digital streaming sites and also a nice gesture to the followers of roots, old fashioned ways of things (especially when it comes to the underground music scene) & physical formats like us. He relies on his fans and the scene to spread the word, which we’ll definitely do without a second thought. You can grab the album from Boy Better Know’s website or your favorite retailer. Big ups JME!

Scorn – Cafe Mor

Mick Harris was making dubstep before dubstep even existed. He was said to be the inventor of the “blast beat” when he was in the legendary grindcore band Napalm Death as their drummer. Now, he released a new record with his Scorn project after 9 years of silence. Again, his sound is dark, deep, tough, and heavy as fuck, pushing the limits between bass, industrial, and dub.


Good news! New Squarepusher is on the way (will drop on January 31st). More good news! Mr. Jenkinson released a single yesterday to let us hear a glimpse of what to expect. (Note: He’ll be playing in Denver on April 19th) Go and check out

WXAXRXP Sessions

Sheffield is famous for three things; the steel industry, football clubs (both Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United are two unique clubs with a passionate following in English football system) and Warp Records. It’s been 30 years since Warp Records appeared on the 7 hills of Sheffield to give us the most beautiful music that’s ever created by the hands and minds of the younglings of the UK. Now, to celebrate this, they released a boxset of 10×12″ records. We have Peel Sessions (highlights of the boxset) from Aphex Twin, Plaid, LFO, Boards Of Canada, and Seefeel, and the rest is from various Warp musicians’ radio sessions.

Behringer TD-03

Information about Behringer’s new analog synth TD-03 leaked for some time. It’s a Roland TB-303 clone and expected to drop tomorrow (11/08). It’s like a fairy tale for suckers for “acid sound” like us, especially when Roland is behaving like proper assholes for many years (not listening to the fans, releasing toys, and promoting them as improvements and the new edition of legendary synths). Anyways, even if it sounds like a fairy tale when you think about the years of reputation that is built on the synths, mixers, or any kinda crappy instrument that Behringer built, I highly suspect they are going to give us decent clone or even a decent analog synth. Still, we keep up the faith!