Esya ‎– Absurdity Of ATCG

The most active member of Savages. Every time I check what she’s up to, I hear a new project with an album/EP/single from her. That’s one of the reasons why we love her. She released first recordings of her EP series under this moniker, Esya back in 2018, and 2019 mid-year she greeted us with the first part of “Absurdity of ATCG”. Now we have the second part. Check her Bandcamp!

Bohren & Der Club of Gore – Tief Gesunken

The second installment from BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE/ official’s long-awaited new album (we waited for 6 years, 6 miserable years), Patchouli Blue is here. They shifted the release date to 24th January with this new single. It doesn’t really matter, we know it’s coming out one way or another. As they said in the earlier statement, the album is gonna be “-instrumental, slow, uneventful – as always”, and we will “love it, hate it, listen to it”. It’s dark and beautiful.

Foreign Beggars – Matriarchy

18 years of existence & multi-genre discography (grime/dubstep to glitch & d’n’b). Foreign Beggars is definitely one of the most outstanding acts of the UK music scene. Now, as they announced that they are gonna split up in 2020, they close the circle in their music journey by returning back to their hip hop roots on their massive final album, Matriarchy. A perfect goodbye to the fans with another classic album. Tune in!

Boylan – 2 hrs sleep

Following his huge release with Trends in 2018, Boylan released his fat as fuck debut LP from Nomine Sound last October. All the good things we love in the UK Bass scene; grime, dubstep, jungle, breakbeat distilled into “2 hrs Sleep” with top MCs.

JME – Grime MC

JME released his long-awaited new album last week, “Grime MC”, the follow-up to 2015’s “Integrity”. But here’s the catch, it’s only available on physical formats (CD/Vinyl). A nice way of saying “fuck you” to the dominion of digital streaming sites and also a nice gesture to the followers of roots, old fashioned ways of things (especially when it comes to the underground music scene) & physical formats like us. He relies on his fans and the scene to spread the word, which we’ll definitely do without a second thought. You can grab the album from Boy Better Know’s website or your favorite retailer. Big ups JME!

Scorn – Cafe Mor

Mick Harris was making dubstep before dubstep even existed. He was said to be the inventor of the “blast beat” when he was in the legendary grindcore band Napalm Death as their drummer. Now, he released a new record with his Scorn project after 9 years of silence. Again, his sound is dark, deep, tough, and heavy as fuck, pushing the limits between bass, industrial, and dub.