Sonic Life Cycles

Georgina Cook, Drumz Of The South bloguyla bize 2004ten beridir Ingiltere undergroundundan fotograflar ulastiriyor.Su siralar adi sikikla zikredilen bircok produktoru, DJi, partileri ilk onun objektifinden gorduk, ondan takip eder olduk.26 Eylulde UCL Urban Lab‘de konusmaci olarak katildigi Creative Edge workshopunda Uncarved‘dan John Eden ile beraber hazirladiklari bir videoyu sunacagini soylemisti.Simdi o videoyu bizle de paylasmis.Workshopin sunumuna kisa bir goz gezdirip videoyu izleyelim.

“London’s outer suburbs have stereotypically been portrayed and understood as safe, boring and an anathema to inspiration, especially against more dynamic, spectacular and multilayered central districts. Yet, London’s suburbia has proved a fertile and innovative seedbed for creativity, particularly in contrast to an increasingly gentrified, generic and bland historic centre. From the literature of Hanif Kureishi, JG Ballard and Zadie Smith to the musical adventures of Siouxsie Sioux, Suburban Base records and Burial, the suburbs have become central to cultural representations and imaginations of contemporary London.

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