Invisible Britain

Every generation has its own sound/music. Any young person needs a decent song playing on his mind when he says fuck off to the police, politicians, assholes, etc. They/We need something to direct that anger/thrill to proper direction like Barry Brown’s “We Nar Run” or Crass’ “Banned From The Roxy” you name it.
For this generation there are lots of songs or musicians around for each one of us, and one of them is Sleaford Mods.
They began with a beat with a sample from a Roni Size record and put their uncompromising lyrics on top of it. Last summer they released their latest record, Key Markets, and now, we gonna see a documentary film about them.
The directors Nathan Hannawin and Paul Sng decided to film the band during their 2015 tour when the band told them that they are going to tour the places where most of the band in Britain neglects. While filming the tour they wanted to show the current state of Britain as well.

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