Remembering the tunes #5

This song was first released on 2006 Wonder album “Welcome To Wonderland”, and later as a promo single with 2 more songs from the album. Call My Name is one of the high peaks of grime back in the day, besides Wiley and Dizzee Rascal productions. Actually Dizzee had some collaboration with Wonder. His 2004 classic “Respect Me” is a Wonder production which was released as “What” in 2003, which is important in the history of grime and dubstep as many people put that song as the first one to use halfstep.
Whatever, let’s get back to Call My Name. Wonder used a sample from Madonna’s Like A Prayer, and vocals were delivered by Sway, who is originally from hiphop scene in that time.
There’s too many MCs on the garage scene
And everyone want to shine like they’re Vaseline
The only reason why there’s so many big crews
Is that there ain’t enough space room in the RWD magazine
The scene’s dying now
Put the gun down now
All the nights have shut down now

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