Sou Kono

High Tone drummer Dominique Peter went to Mali in 2010 to explore the rich musical traditions and sounds of African music. The result was a project called Midnight Ravers which he formed with graphic artist Emmanuel Prost (for the visual & artwork sides) and some local musicians from Mali. They released the first album on 2013, Le Triomphe Du Chaos, which features many musicians from Mali such as Assaba Dramé, Samba Diabaté, Cheik Diallo, Madou Sidiki Diabaté. This album is mandatory if you’re a fan of African music, especially West African music.
Well, 2 years passed and they are back with their new album called Sou Kono released from Jarring Effects on September. They follow the same path on this album as before, West African music meets dubby French electronic with traditional instruments on top and also some universal ones as well that are played in African style.
While A side of the album has more elements from French side, B side celebrates African music with more elements from it, especially Dabora and Koroni Foli (you can hear some structural elements of Fula to Afro-house).
This is not an usual “world music” album, which can be defined as a snob European goes to Africa, collects sounds from there and release the album under his moniker (most of the time). While this fuckin snobby white man is celebrated throughout the world about how liberal musical tastes and talent he has, Africans, the real talents, need to be happy that at least someone somewhere receives their voice. NO. This is not like that. This is full collaboration. You can feel it from Fatim Kouyaté’s beautiful voice, Madou Sidiki Diabaté’s kora or Assaba Dramé’s n’goni.
Personal faves: Anna, Diarabi, Exil, Guinguin, Dabora, Dunia Te Tossoyé

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