Sick Of It All – Wake The Sleeping Dragon!

NY Hardcore efsaneleri Sick Of It All yeni albüm çıkarmış. Amerika’nın en Angarali grubu SOIA yanlış yapmaz, gene taş gibi albüm. Ilk klibi “That crazy white boy shit”e çekmişler. Şarkıda DC çıkışlı Hardcore’un öncü, efsane grubu Bad Brains’e selam çakmışlar. ///
NY Hardcore Legends Sick Of It All have released a new album. They never made wrong move in all those years of their presence (32 to be precise). It’s another solid album from them. The first video came out for the second track of the album, “That crazy white boy shit”, where they hailed the pioneers of Hardcore Punk, the legendary Bad Brains that emerged out of the DC Hardcore scene back in the late 70s.

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