WXAXRXP Sessions

Sheffield is famous for three things; the steel industry, football clubs (both Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United are two unique clubs with a passionate following in English football system) and Warp Records. It’s been 30 years since Warp Records appeared on the 7 hills of Sheffield to give us the most beautiful music that’s ever created by the hands and minds of the younglings of the UK. Now, to celebrate this, they released a boxset of 10×12″ records. We have Peel Sessions (highlights of the boxset) from Aphex Twin, Plaid, LFO, Boards Of Canada, and Seefeel, and the rest is from various Warp musicians’ radio sessions.

Beautiful People

While we’re eagerly waiting for the release of the new album of Mark Pritchard, he provided us the second track from it which increases our expectations more. Melancholic melody accompanied with minimalist synths and percussions and Tom Yorke’s vocals. Definitely, this is the track of the week for me.