JME – Grime MC

JME released his long-awaited new album last week, “Grime MC”, the follow-up to 2015’s “Integrity”. But here’s the catch, it’s only available on physical formats (CD/Vinyl). A nice way of saying “fuck you” to the dominion of digital streaming sites and also a nice gesture to the followers of roots, old fashioned ways of things (especially when it comes to the underground music scene) & physical formats like us. He relies on his fans and the scene to spread the word, which we’ll definitely do without a second thought. You can grab the album from Boy Better Know’s website or your favorite retailer. Big ups JME!

Scorn – Cafe Mor

Mick Harris was making dubstep before dubstep even existed. He was said to be the inventor of the “blast beat” when he was in the legendary grindcore band Napalm Death as their drummer. Now, he released a new record with his Scorn project after 9 years of silence. Again, his sound is dark, deep, tough, and heavy as fuck, pushing the limits between bass, industrial, and dub.

Sir Hiss – Tehran Gunshots

This year, Sir Hiss first greeted us with a dark, hazy, warped, and weeping vinyl, “Rolling” (released by White Peach Records), which was followed by an EP “Frequent Flyer”. I thought that was it for him this year, but NO!! Like any other hardworking Bristolian, he won’t stop. I first heard the A-side, Tehran Gunsgots, of his new 12″ on Kahn’s mix for BBC 1Xtra over a year ago. The interesting part of the song was the sample he used, “Anilar Bana Yeter” from Gulden Karabocek (a Turkish singer active in the 70s to 00s). If you are following his releases, sample usage is not news (he is using samples from all over the world, east to west). But I was not expecting a song from Gulden Karabocek. Anyways, now we have Tehran Gunshots on wax accompanied by Mr. Sandman on the B-side, released by his own label No More Mailouts. Already sold out at their Bandcamp store. Don’t sleep on this!


Yesterday The Bug​ uploaded 3 unreleased tracks that he did with the late Spaceape to his youtube account . One of them is the remix of the glorious song of The Clash history, Guns of Brixton. Not much to say, i love The Clash, i love “Guns of Brixton”, and i really liked this remix.
If somebody asked me who i wanna hear toasting over the Skeng riddim, my answer would be Spaceape definitely. His style would add more and more depth to the riddim without taking out what’s already there, carved by Killa P and Flowdan. Well, here we have, they actually did it.
One more time it’s proven, Spaceape was an extraordinary poet and MC. RIP.

London Pirate Radio

“Pirate radio is everywhere in London, born in the 60’s from rusting anti-aircraft towers in the mouth of the Thames. Today’s broadcasts are hidden in plain sight, transmitting from secret tower block studios via homemade rooftop antennas.”

Vice and Palladium filmed a great documentary about the London’s pirate radios for their documentary series, Exploration. London Pirate Radio is the sixth in these series and it features many pirate radioheads like Logan Sama, Matt Mason (author of the book The Pirate’s Dilemma) and 60’s original pirate Tony Pine.

Logan Sama compiled a grime mixtape for this documentary, you can download it from here.

Logan Sama x Palladium – Still Keepin It Grimy March 2010


01 Newham Generals – Introduction
02 O.Gs – Hot Ones (Royal-T Remix)
03 Rapid – Go Rapid
04 Badness – Go Bing
05 Dot Rotten – The Rotten Club News Report (Woooo Riddem)
06 Griminal – ChaChing Freestyle
07 Scorcher ft Terminator – Spartan Gang (Rude Kid Productions)
08 O.Gs – What The Rass
09 Jammer – I’m A Star
10 Frisco – Training Day
11 Trim – Stereotype
12 Ghetts – Trained To Kill
13 Little Nasty & Yunga Hunga – Badda Dan Dem
14 Big H ft. Bossman Birdie & President T – Hooligan Remix

Bonus: P Money vs Ghetts The War Report
01 Introduction
02 Ghetts – All Black Winter
03 Ghetto vs Ghetts – Suicide
04 P Money – The Dub
05 P Money – The warning
06 Ghetts – The Destruction Of The Eiffel Tower