Extra Dirty Bomb

What I last heard something from Filastine is, he attended the Bike Bloc with his bicycle mounted megaphones during the Copenhagen Climate summit.Here’s what I mean:

Then we came to today.Following his successful 2009 album, Dirty Bomb, Mr. Filastine gave us a present consisting of 7 remixes and a live recording.He also prepeared a mix for Dutty Artz supporting his new EP release.You can get it from here.
I have no words for this EP except adding Filastine‘s own thoughts about tracks, direct from his blog:

A1. Opium Den (Jahcoozi remixes Desordenador)-Deservedly loved and respected Berlin heroes that somehow make ecstatic pounding bass music that speaks about serious themes like gentrification & the vacuity of hipsterism. We played together in Marseille once, they were wonderful.

A2. Discontinuities (Cardopusher remixes Singularities)-Just walking down the street in Caracas is an act of will. Doing so with dreadlocks down to your ass is asking for serious trouble, and trying to introduce audiences to music like breakcore & dubstep in such a context demonstrates a rare fortitude of character. Cardo lives in Barcelona now, he’s a neighbor.

A3. Hungry Ghosts (phowa remix) feat. Wire MC-I met the Jeremiah aka phowa at dawn in a crowd of sleep-deprived ravers at a music festival in the Canadian forest. He told me that he’d be coming to Barcelona. Everyone says that, but he actually showed up. Later in Vancouver he organized one of the most enjoyable gigs of the 2009 tour, at a derelict movie theater, followed by an afterparty so packed that it was drizzling inside from the sweat condensed on the ceiling.

A4. Desordenador (live version feat. cellist Amélie Bouard)-The day before I was due to fly to Reunion Island from Lyon, France, my accompanying VJ cancelled. The ticket permitted passenger name changes, with less than 24 hours notice we somehow found & confirmed cellist Amélie as a substitute invited artist. She heard my songs for the first time with headphones during the 12 hour flight to the Indian Ocean. Now we are a regular team.

B1. Pharma Sutra (Ill Gates remixes Fitnah) *only on the vinyl-Deeply lucky to have met this other Mr. Gates, a digital jack of all trades- producer, vj, and educator who is not afraid to get political. His contribution was too good to wait for this delayed release, we let it out digitally earlier on compilation, where it topped Beatport’s charts.

B2. Con Las Manos en la Masa (Deep Throat X remix) feat. Malena D’Alessio-They came up to me during a wild semi-legal street party in Tokyo with a CDR and saying, with polite smiling and bows, “japanese ghetto sounds,” later i saw them on stage rocking old school drum machines while wearing balaclavas. They are associated with the expanding situationist/anarchist scene there.

B3. Batalha Cotidiana (Maga Bo remixes B’talla) feat. Rabah-Maga Bo is my closest colleague & fellow bootstrap nomadic producer. Without each other we probably would have long ago given up on the precarious and often degrading attempt to survive via music. He spends half his year moving around (mostly africa), the other half in a cinderblock hut on the roof of a residential skyscraper in Rio de Janeiro.

B4. No Lock No Key (Electromeca remix) feat. DJ Collage-On tour in australia in 2007 I was gifted a few gigs of breakcore and found Electromeca’s work. It’s next-level grit, in his own words: “hectic B-Boys break-dancing in a puddle of motor oil, The Bomb Squad meets Russolo in a Z-movie disco-club, FM-radio harsh beats, dismantled stuttering beat-box, muddy boom-bap”

Just choose your medium and grab it, either wax or digital (personal choice is vinyl definitely).