Flying Lotus-Post Requisite

Steven Ellison aka Flying Lotus 2014’de Warp Records‘tan çıkardığı “You’re Dead” plağından sonra pek öyle boş durmayıp önce Brainfeeder’a film bölümü açıp, peşine de ilk yönetmenlik deneyimi ve aynı zamanda ilk filmi de olan Kuso’yu çekti. Filmi daha izlemedim ve kritiklerinden anladığım herkesin kafası biraz karışık. Filmi merak eden varsa Shudder‘dan izleyebilirler. Her neyse mevzumuz o değil, mevzu adamın kaç zaman sonra çıkardığı ilk şarkı “Post Requisite” (aynı zamanda filmin de soundtrackinde yer alıyormuş) ve 2018’de yine Warp’tan çıkması muhtemel yeni uzun çalar. Şimdilik şurdan buyurun: 

Los Wembler’s De Iquitos

“In 1968, in Iquitos, the capital of the Peruvian Amazon, a shoemaker named Solomon Sanchez decided to form a band with his five sons. They were the first band in the Amazon to play popular local rhythms with electric guitars. The new hybrid they were creating would go on to have an enormous impact on South American popular music. Some of their songs, such as Sonido Amazonico or Danza del Petrolero became the most emblematic of this new cumbia amazonica movement.” And after being forgotten for nearly 30 years, they are back.


It’s always good to hear from Akwaaba Music, my favorite African Music label. They have an amazing discography, which is helping to spread African music along with some other labels. But, the best thing about Akwaaba is, apart from crate digging and releasing gems from the rich African music history, they are also releasing new things from all around Africa.
This time they’re gonna release a new project, Mabiisi, from Burkina Fasso’s renowned rapper Art Melody (if you don’t know him yet check his previous albums Wogdog Blues and Moogho. personal fave from him: Yamb Sabaab) and Ghanaian musician Steve Atambire who is playing Kologo. A perfect mixture of traditional music with new leanings. Art Melody’s tshirt on the video sums it all up, Africa is the Future.

Beautiful People

While we’re eagerly waiting for the release of the new album of Mark Pritchard, he provided us the second track from it which increases our expectations more. Melancholic melody accompanied with minimalist synths and percussions and Tom Yorke’s vocals. Definitely, this is the track of the week for me.

Reality 86’d

Here’s a documentary of Black Flag’s 86 tour shot by David Markey of We Got Power with a super 8 film. His films are amazing documents of the US hardcore punk scene, and I’m always a fan of them. I’m wondering what else he have that are not released yet. Btw, his latest film release is another must to watch that covers the story of Circle Jerks, My Career As a Jerk.

REALITY 86’d from KICK TO KILL on Vimeo.